About Us

About imSME

imSME is Malaysia’s first online referral platform for SME financing/ loan, which is wholly owned and managed by Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad (CGC).


The name imSME is an acronym that stands for “I am mSME”. The letter ‘mSME’ also represents micro, small and medium enterprises (commonly referred to as SMEs in Malaysia). SME refers to all sectors of businesses that have specific revenues or the number of employees. In essence, imSME embodies the characteristics of the SMEs that are dynamic, confident, self-reliant and enterprising.


The launch of imSME; which is in line with CGC’s core business of assisting SMEs with access to financing, is aimed at bridging the SMEs’ financing/ loan needs by broadening their access to an array of financing/ loan products and services options that are offered by the participating banks and agencies.


Through imSME, we connect Malaysian SMEs like yourself with participating banks by matching your business needs and profile with the right SME business financing/ loan. By using imSME, you can find the best SME business financing/ loan options for your business, saving you the hassle of going to multiple banks to look for financing. The ultimate aim of imSME is to assist Malaysian SMEs across various sectors in obtaining the financing/ loan that is required, at a faster rate and at their own convenience.


In addition to that, CGC has also formed the imSME Financial Advisory Team to review the profile of the SMEs so as to provide comprehensive financial counselling and business coaching. The experienced team of advisors play an invaluable role in assisting SMEs to overcome the basic yet most pressing obstacles and increase their chances of finding the financing/ loan match. In collaboration with experts from our Partner Agencies, intensive training programs will be made available to empower SMEs with sustainable growth solutions and capacity building.


Established in 1972, CGC was mandated to assist SMEs; especially, those with inadequate or without collateral and track records, in obtaining SME business financing/loan from the banks by providing guarantee cover on such facilities. The current shareholders of CGC are Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) and licensed commercial banks in Malaysia. To date, CGC has issued more than  445,000 guarantees and financing to SMEs valued over RM63 billion.

Why Us?

Credible: imSME is the first SME business financing/ loan referral platform in Malaysia, which is supported by Bank Negara Malaysia and the participating banks.


At imSME, we are fully committed towards protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the applicants at all times via the use of advanced security measures. It is an online portal that is dedicated to ease your search by matching your business requirements with the best SME business financing/ loan in Malaysia.


imSME Financial Advisory Team: We have a dedicated imSME Financial Advisory Team to provide financial counselling and coaching. Our experienced advisors are ever-ready to help solve your problems and queries before referring you for training programs that are provided by our partner agencies. The training programs are specifically designed to bring entrepreneurs to the next level of growth and it is conducted by subject matter experts.


Convenient: It can be challenging; especially, for start-ups that are looking for a business financing/ loan in Malaysia. Finding the most relevant business financing/ loan products that are ideal for your needs is relatively easier now, thereby saving you time and making your business financing/ loan search faster, more efficient and effective. Just by following 4 simple steps, you can find the business financing/ loan required, at your convenience and with greater ease!


Free Access: imSME is a free referral platform for SMEs to look for a suitable business financing/ loan in Malaysia. There are no application fees or hidden charges. Therefore, you can use it anytime and anywhere. At imSME, you get to utilize all the available financing/ loan matches to find the perfect business financing/ loan that suits your various business needs. Still not ready to start yet? Do take a look at our FAQ page which has a list full of useful information, to help you understand the imSME business financing/ loan search process further.

Objective of imSME

We know that it can be very time consuming and tiring when searching for an SME business financing/ loan in Malaysia; especially, for entrepreneurs that are in need of a financing/ loan to start a business, expand the business or purchase of assets. The objective of imSME is to assist SMEs in growing their businesses effortlessly, by providing them with a list of matching business financing/ loan that fit their business needs best.


imSME not only helps applicants to save time and money, it offers a convenient platform to search for business financing/ loan, without having to visit several banks. Through imSME, finding a business financing/ loan in Malaysia with a higher probability of approval has never been easier!

Definition of SME

Small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) represents all sectors of business, including manufacturing, services, construction, agriculture; as well as, mining and quarrying. Enterprises can be defined as an SME if they fulfill either one of the two criteria: annual sales turnover or the number of full-time employees.


SMEs are classified into 2 categories, which are manufacturing and services sectors.






Annual Sales Turnover is less than RM300,000
Number of Full Time Employees is less than 5

Annual Sales Turnover is from RM300,000 to less than RM15 million
Number of Full Time Employees is from 5 to less than 75

Annual Sales Turnover is from RM15 million to less than RM50 million
Number of Full Time Employees is from 75 to less than 200

Services and Other Sectors

Annual Sales Turnover is less than RM300,000
Number of Full Time Employees is less than 5

Annual Sales Turnover from RM300,000 to less than RM3 million
Number of Full Time Employees is from 5 to less than 30

Annual Sales Turnover is from RM3 million to less than RM20 million
Number of Full Time Employees from 30 to less than 75


If a business fulfills either one criteria across the different sizes of operation, then the smaller size will be applicable. For example, if a firm’s sales turnover falls under microenterprise but employment falls under small, the business will be deemed as a microenterprise.

Type of Business Financing/ Loan

What is an unsecured financing/ loan?


Unsecured financing/ loan is a facility that is offered to a borrower without any collateral. The non-collateral business financing/ loan is an ideal option for small businesses that do not have any collateral to pledge. Although physical collaterals like personal belongings, property and real estate are not needed, applicants are required to provide a personal guarantee or a joint and several guarantees.


Generally, an unsecured financing/ loan is approved based on the applicant’s creditworthiness, financial position, capacity and credit history. Risk-based pricing system plays an important role in the SME business financing/ loan application process as banks will use it to determine the business financing/ loan interest/ profit rate according to the applicant’s current financial position and ability to repay. Hence, the lower the risk, the lower the business financing/ loan interest/ profit rate charged to the applicant.

The Importance of SME’s profile

SME business financing/ loan, without any collateral, is targeted at Malaysian SMEs in all economic sectors, from start-ups to existing companies. At imSME, we match your business financing/ loan requirement with the right product. In order to help you get started on imSME, here are the main things you need to take note.


Credit Rating: In order to be eligible for the business financing/ loan, banks will go through the process of evaluation; mainly, on the applicant’s creditworthiness. The factors like payment history, current debts, credit history and types of credit in use might determine an applicant’s creditworthiness. Therefore, late payments and large outstanding loans can have a negative impact on the credit score and lead to higher interest rates or financing/ loan in being declined.


Years in Business: SMEs may search for a business financing/ loan in Malaysia, regardless of whether the company is in the start-up stage or in the expansion stage. A business requires different amount of financing and repayment terms throughout the different stages of a business cycle. By understanding the growth of your business, we are able to ensure the loan matching accuracy. As an additional bonus, you will be greeted by numerous financing matches if your business is an established entity and has been operating for a long time.


Nature of Business: Explain your business in order to enjoy the best financing/ loan profit/ interests rates in Malaysia! By filling up your business type, entity, revenue and total annual sales, our advanced SME business financing/ loan interest calculator will do all the calculating and filtering work for you without any hassle. Once we know your loan/financing needs, you are more than likely to find the best business financing/ loan, of which you can compare with the profit rates/ loan interests of all major banks in Malaysia. Also, the more the banks understand your business, the more they will place their trust in you.


Why wait? Explore the best SME business financing/ loan in Malaysia at imSME today and secure the financing/ loan you require for your business!