Financial Advisory

The imSME Financial Advisory Team provides financial counselling and coaching for unsuccessful applications. Our experienced advisors review profile, provide counseling, business/ financial coaching and advisory, besides improving/rectifying shortfall.We strive to ensure that as a SME applying through our imSME platform, you will be assisted to secure financing/loan either from our participating banks or from other related financing institution.

Functions of the imSME Financial Advisory Team include:
1. Reviewing unsuccessful application (failure to obtain products match/rejected application).
2. Assessing no-match application and rejection by the participating banks.
3. Providing personalised counseling on:

a. Business and basic financial advisory (educating the importance of maintaining good financial record and ways to strengthen business plan.
b. Recommendation to Peer-to-Peer (P2P) companies that may able to provide alternate financing
c. Recommendation for Capacity Building on:

•   Business: business model and business plans development
•   Financial: bookkeeping, costing, budgeting, projections, cash flow
•   Credit: common credit evaluation criteria
•   Marketing: product/service, industry, customer segment, strategy

At CGC, our Financial Advisory team also addresses your financing/loan challenges by referring you to the related training programme.

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